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History of the Microscope

Title page Hookes Micrographia

The history of the microscope could fill a large book, or more. Here, we will highlight significant points in the history of microscopes.

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Microscope Activities for Middle School Students

inexpensive usb microscope

Microscope activities for middle school students for engaging lessons. They work for home schoolers and middle school students in traditional classrooms.

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Microscope Pictures

hair from hair brush 2 thumb image

Microscope pictures of pond life, hair and fiber samples, and yogurt taken by a digital USB microscope and a compound microscope camera connected to a computer.

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How to Draw a Microscope

step 1 to draw a microscope

If you've been given this assignment for science class, here's how to draw a microscope, step-by-step, with microscope pictures.

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Eight Microscope Experiments for Kids: Fun and Easy

A spiderweb makes a great microscope project

These eight easy microscope experiments for kids encourage curiosity and beat boredom. Plus they're fun and cheap!

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Jobs That Use Microscopes

geologist with microscope

What are jobs that use microscopes? Did you think of them all? Check out list.

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How Does a Microscope Work?

views from a microscope

How Does a Microscope Work? Read this to learn the answer, as well as learn the parts of a microscope.

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