Prepared Microscope Slides

Getting started with a microscope can be a thrilling experience, and prepared microscope slides can make this journey even more exciting. A particularly good set is the Meade 904 slide set which offers 25 diverse slides for those eager to discover the wonders of biology.

Note: this slide set is available USED and is no longer available new.

One of the main benefits of buying a set of prepared slides, like the Meade 904, is that it eliminates the tricky process of making your own slides. Not only does this require patience, but mastery also comes over time. Being able to have something ready to view can greatly enhance the enjoyment and learning experience for novice microscope users.

Prepared Microscope Slides: The Meade 904 Slide Set Review

The Meade 904 slide set spans a range of subjects within the realm of biology. It invites you into the world of plants, offering you a peek into the lily seeds, lily stamen, cytoplasm, akin to the backbone of plants, and even a smooth leaf of a Pittosporum, a beautiful flowering plant.

Moving on to fungi, this set provides intriguing insight into the miraculous world of mushrooms and lichens. Perhaps most interestingly, it features a Moniliaceae fungus specimen, better known as the precursor to penicillin, a common antibiotic.

The animal kingdom is not left behind either. You get to explore the reproductive system of a flatworm and tissues from a bee's foot and throat. There are also samples of connective tissues, muscle tissues, and even a blood smear - just the thing to keep those curious young ones productively engaged!

There's more to come with the Meade 904 set. It dives deeper into human body systems with samples from the small intestine, heart, and tongue. It also carries slides that display neurons and involuntary muscle tissues. This set hence has something in store for everyone, from experts looking for intricate details to beginners with a passion for biology.

This set also introduces you to the fascinating world of single-cell organisms. It includes slides of different types of bacteria and a freshwater protozoan, allowing a glimpse into the usually unseen microscopic world.

meade slide set

Despite the range and diversity of the Meade 904 slide set, it's worth noting that there have been instances of duplicate samples in the set. To fully enjoy the supposed variety of 25 slides, be sure to check for any doubles upon purchase.

One hurdle that some users faced is the missing guide accompanying this set of prepared microscope slides. Without a guide, it's challenging for less experienced users to identify exactly what they're looking at under the microscope, or how to explain their findings. However, a quick internet search can easily resolve these ambiguities.

List of Specimens in the Meade Prepared Slides Set

prepared slide insect wingPrepared slide insect wing
  • Lily stamen (to view pollen)
  • Lily seeds
  • Flatworm reproductive system
  • Bee parts
  • Scaly tissues
  • Flexible connective tissue
  • Fatty connective tissue
  • Chicken blood
  • Muscle tissue (voluntary)
  • Involuntary muscle tissue
  • Tongue tissue
  • Neuron
  • Bacteria
  • Moniliaceae fungus (the precursor to penicillin)
  • Mushroom piece
  • Lichen
  • Cytoplasm
  • Tissues for viewing blood movement
  • A freshwater protozoan
  • Protozoan muscle cells
  • Linden tree stem cell
  • Onion leaf
  • Heart tissue
  • Small intestine
  • Smooth leaf of a Pittosporum (a flowering plant)

Pros and Cons (Based on Our Experiences and Consumer Reviews)

The Meade 904 set, particularly, provides exceptional value. Despite some users encountering duplicates or missing guides, the set remains a fascinating and educational tool for exploring biology under a microscope.


  • Great variety of slides

  • Affordable price (usually around $20)


  • No included booklet to give more information about the slides

  • Users sometimes report getting doubles

Where to Get Microscope Slides

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Recommended for:

This set is recommended for a wide range of users. It would be a fantastic resource for teachers to use in traditional classrooms, as it covers an array of biological subjects.

Additionally, it can also be beneficial for homeschool students, providing them with a practical, hands-on approach to learning. The set could certainly add an extra element of interest and fascination to their study routine.

Not only children but also adults can derive pleasure from exploring these prepared slides. Whether they are science enthusiasts or amateur researchers, prepared slides like these can pique their curiosity and inspire a deeper interest in biology.

Moreover, prepared microscopy slides can foster a sense of excitement and intrigue amongst hobby microscope users. These slides provide instant gratification by allowing users to readily explore and marvel at the wonders of nature's finer details.

Budget-conscious users may find that prepared slides are a viable and worthwhile purchase. Not only do you get to avoid the often frustrating and time-intensive process of preparing slides yourself, but you also get to explore a wide range of subjects right from the get-go.


Meade 904 prepared microscope slides provide a splendid start to your journey into microscopy. Encompassing multiple topics, these ready-to-use slides can prompt immediate exploration making learning fun and easy.

In conclusion, prepared microscopy slides are an excellent tool for both educational and hobby purposes. They simplify the process of using a microscope and allow users to explore the vast, complex world of biology.

So, whether you're a curious kid, an intrigued teacher, a fascinated hobbyist, or a budding novice scientist, prepared microscopy slides like the Meade 904 set are a brilliant doorway into the absorbing world of microscopic exploration, making learning an engrossing and enjoyable process.

Rating 4 of 5

Rating 4 of 5

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