The Celestron 44330 Handheld Digital Microscope

The Celestron 44330 handheld digital microscope can't be beat when it comes to a quality yet cheap model. This lightweight digital and optical unit brings the microscopic world alive for the beginning explorer, while still offering power and great images.

**No longer available new, but you may find it on pre-owned marketplaces.

A nice thing about this microscope is that it allows you to take and manipulate still pictures and video footage. The camera feature works without the included software, so you can plug-in and get exploring. Users can explore anything from coins all the way to bacteria. All for around $150.

Even for the low price, the Celestron 44330 has many great features:

  • 2 MP digital camera

  • Digital power up to 2000x

  • 20x eyepiece

  • Three objective lenses

  • Bottom LED illuminator

  • Battery powered (not included)

  • Arcsoft photo software

  • Three prepared slides

  • Both Mac and PC compatible

This microscope has a lot going for it. For starters, it weighs only nineteen ounces even though it has a metal body. This makes it possible to take it just about anywhere. Finding a power source for it isn’t a problem either, since it only needs two AAA batteries.

This unit comes with three objective lenses. You can use the 5x, 10x, or 20x to get up close and personal with your specimen. The 20x eyepiece really helps to enlarge the optical potential of the microscope.

celestron 44330 microscope

The digital capabilities of the Celestron 44330 are probably its best selling feature, as it's usable as a still or video camera. It has a 2 MP microscope camera, which gives you a pretty crisp image. The digital power itself maxes out at around 2000x. Not too shabby!

The included Arcsoft photo software lets the user manipulate the specimen images to their heart’s content. You can change the resolution, contrast, color, and even enlarge the image to the max of the computer screen. The software also lets you edit video, so users can create a memorable clip.

Overall this is a great microscope with very few issues. Some state that the optics are not the best. Yet considering the price, usually around $150, this isn't too surprising. The microscope makes up for this when linked with a computer, as the images on the screen are crisp and colorful.

It's worth noting that you need to load the software if you want to use all the features of this microscope. The video feature needs the software to run. You also need to have it loaded if you want to manipulate the images.

Another reported issue is the limitations of the lighting source. The bottom LED illuminator works fine, but does not provide any front light. One may have to find an additional light source such as a penlight to correct this.

Pros and Cons of the Celestron 44330 microscope


  • Lightweight and portable

  • Easy to use

  • Takes still photos and video, with editing software included

  • Many different magnification levels

  • Decent optics for the low price


  • No front lighting so you may need to provide an additional light source

  • Software must be installed to use all the features of the microscope



The Celestron 44330 is a great piece of equipment for the budding scientist. The digital capabilities allow the user to capture images of specimens and play with them on the computer screen. It's reasonably priced, but with the same great quality and features that come with the Celestron name.

 Look for it on used marketplaces for a great deal.

Recommended for: The advanced user may not appreciate this microscope. However amateurs or novices will enjoy how well it brings specimens to life. Good for teens, adults, and even younger kids.

Do You Want a Celestron Microscope?

You can find various Celestron microscopes at Amazon's website.

For pre-owned or models no longer available new, see eBay's listings for Celestron microscopes.

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